What is BAT?

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BAT stands for Basic Attention token which is based on blockchain like structure. It is completely open source and transparent.

Basically, BAT coins are digital advertising token which eliminates the requirement of middlemen while advertising. It makes the advertising process more effective by paying users to view ads and publishers receive revenue directly.


Basic Attention Token is more efficient than today’s advertising process because of a new token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users. The best part of this is advertisers don’t have to track their users at all.

Who invented BAT?

Brendan Eich is the person who invented BAT (Basic Attention Token). He is also the founder of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla Firefox.

The bat coins used Ethereum blockchain technology, along with a specialized browser “Brave” in order to trade between advertisers, publishers, and users.

BAT coins Features:

  • open source
  • transparent
  • decentralized
  • efficient

How does Basic Attention Token works:

Bat is different from the traditional advertising in which advertising revenue takes place between platforms and advertisers. This is not in case of BAT.

In traditional advertising, like Facebook or Google, they allow advertisers to promote their products and services in exchange of money and data they have collected from the users over the years, leaving users to gain nothing from being subjected to millions of ads.

But BAT revolves around the users which target suitable users via their machine learning algorithms, in return rewarded them for their attention. No user’s personal data is being collected in any way.’

Same held for advertisers too. They advertise by buying bat coins or so-called $BAT tokens to acquire advertising room and user attention.

Publishers or content creators receive advert-revenue and users tip in bat coins.

How to earn BAT coins:

There are two ways to earn more BAT coins, which is easy and secure you should definitely try.

  • Become a Publisher: The verified publisher can earn bat coins from the advertisers by placing ads on their websites or YouTube channels. They also allow Twitch users to earn for creating content. You can also earn from donation or tip from your loyal users.
  • Become a Brave User: Get paid via rewards from the Brave Browser directly in the wallet for your attention while surfing over the internet.


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