SkillShare Review 2019: E-learning for Professionals

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In a row of good or some bad companies offer e-courses to students, Skillshare is continuously brought itself up from all of the others. This massive online learning giant made its platform popular among all of the creative people over the internet.

Skillshare offers online courses related to leadership, film making, productivity, graphics designing, music production, management, and lists goes on and on. It focuses on interactive classes for the students.

Now, around 2 million students have joined the platform have a choice to join over 26000 classes from programming to music, everything.

Skillshare is quite good to take online courses regarding Creative, Business and Technology. More often, you can find Free Classes too.

Everyone looking for these kinds of free classes. And Skillshare gives you access to free classes daily. You can learn something new every day, at any time.

Pros using Skillshare( Benefits ) :

  • Wide variety of classes Animation, film production, illustration, writing, and leadership. The list goes on and on.
  • 2 months of the free trial. You can access any premium videos on demand for 2 months. Join here.
  • Extend the free month trails only by inviting your friends to Skillshare.
  • Skillshare Courses quality is way better than on Udemy. Even for the free classes.
  • Every course I completed on Skillshare gives me an action plan to achieve more than I used to.
  • UI is fantastic and easy to use for first-time learners.
  • Use Filters to find in progress and completed classes easily.
  • They give free workshops to their students and teachers to improve.
  • Most Important- All the courses teachers demonstrate, feels you like a real interaction to them. (quite same as real classrooms)
  • It has a strong community of teachers, giving interactive classes to improve your knowledge.
  • Cross-platform availability makes it more popular among the students. You can find its app everywhere. Download: Android | iPhone

Cons using Skillshare:

  • After free trails, promotional emails are annoying from Skillshare.
  • They did not support courses in Native languages. That’s why all of the courses have to enroll in English.

Here are some pictures that will make you mind to join the Skillshare community as a student or teacher.

All recommended, Featured and trending classes are on a single page. Easy to find and enroll in anyone.

All classes are available on one page

Trending classes are Premium classes always.

(Note: If you have 2-month Free Access, go ahead.)

Quick looks of popular classes on the Skillshare Platform

Free workshops are available. This will help more than anytime else on Skillshare.

Workshops are available for students and Teachers

Useful links on Skillshare for Students, Teachers and Creators:

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